Submission Guidelines

The key to getting the best offer on an impaired risk case is providing complete information. It is in the client’s and the agent’s best interest to present as much information as possible up front to facilitate the underwriting process.

O’Toole and Associates has several outlets for your tough cases and can provide competitive offers. Here are some guidelines to help avoid the common pitfalls of the Impaired Risk case:

I. Assessing the risk
Call us or email us the with you challenging cases – we can help! You can fill out an underwriting questionnaire online, email us with the pertinent information or give us a call . In order for us to be able to give you the most accurate quote possible you need to have obtained the following information from your client:

  • Name of condition
  • Date of diagnosis
  • What treatment was received and when
  • All current medications

We will provide you a tentative underwriting offer within 48 hours (usually sooner). If you have medical records we are able to review these with our underwriters.

II. Submitting an impaired risk case
The following are some guidelines to help expedite the underwriting process:

Complete all questions on the application and provide details to all “yes” answers.
Provide complete contact information for ALL doctors that your client may have consulted
If you client has some unique circumstances or would benefit from a more detailed explanation submit a cover letter with the application.

Take advantage of the underwriting questionnaires for different disease processes to help amplify the underwriting details.

Attach a copy of the preliminary offer you received from O’Toole and Associates:

Preliminary Inquiry